In full historical center, opposite the picturesque scenery of the Tiber and Castel'Sant'Angelo Altoviti, The Blossom Restaurant offers its customers some of the recipes of traditional cuisine of southern Italy.

The primary objective of the owners is the quality of raw materials; thread: taste and lightness in the various dishes on the menu, be they starters, first or second. As for desserts, all prepared at home, ranging from traditional to more innovative ones. The wine, with meals or meditation, are all carefully selected to accompany a harmonious flavors and aromas of the dishes.

Find the flavors of the "Our South": Campania, Calabria, Sicily. These are the sunny regions of origin of our tradition and we will give you the opportunity to taste Our delicacies.


The Products are the masters of the sea: from the kitchen come out tasty offerings like 'Capri by the glass', 'crispy and spicy octopus on a mirror of velvety potato' or 'calamarata redfish.' For those who like the main courses offer a 'burnt wheat noodles with lobster,' the Calabrian fusilli made ​​mana, or 'spaghetti alla Palermo' and finally 'scialatelli with swordfish and eggplant.'

Our raw materials are quality, taste and lightness that express not only our first and second courses but also in our homemade dessert.


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Our strengths

* A family run hotel with staff
* 70-80 seats
* Closed on Sundays
* We accept all credit cards
Average price * 30/50 € (wine not included)
* Parking arrangements
* Air-conditioning

Our restaurant is able to host events, served or buffet.

For years, we maintain the numerous groups of tourists from all over the world not only offering our traditional Mediterranean Campania, Calabria and Sicily, but there are good traditional Roman dishes to enjoy a short walk from Castel Sant'Angelo.

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Fixed Dimensions

Images with fixed dimensions
  1. Spaghetti all'astice

    Primi Piatti
  2. Spaghetti alla Carbonara

    Primi Piatti
  3. Spaghetti alla Amatriciana

    Primi Piatti
  4. Antipasto misto di pesce

  5. Riso ai crostacei

    Primi Piatti
  6. Ceramiche Caltagirone

    Interno Ristorante
  7. Grande Sala

    Interno Ristorante
  8. Il Bancone

    Interno Ristorante
  9. Ad un passo da Castel Sant'Angelo

    Esterno Ristorante
  10. Ad un passo da Castel Sant'Angelo

    Esterno Ristorante
  11. Particolare sala interna

    Interno Ristorante
  12. MIsto di dolci

    I Dolci


The images and videos of our pasta dishes, desserts, reception rooms.


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Ristorante Zagara
Via Paola, 26 - 00186 - Roma
Tel: 06 6832075 - Fax: 06 45598310 Cell: 3937115289